Hello, I'm 4t4r4xi4

​I'm a french digital artist living in Toulouse. I draw my primary inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Asian culture. 
Fueled by its profound philosophy and meticulous attention to detail, my inspiration extends to futuristic dystopias, embracing cyberpunk aesthetics and video game realms. This amalgamation propels me into crafting pieces that delve into the mystical, the ethereal, and the mythological, resulting in unique and c​aptivating creations.

What can i do for you?

Illustration & Animation

For your album, boardgame, book, event, social media?

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3D Modeling

Do you need props for video games? For 3D printing?

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Video Edit

Music clip, institutional videos, motion graphic and so on...

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Software Proficiency




After Effects

Premiere Pro